Invisible Women

Lily Hoang

Invisible Women is really two books: a dialogue between psychoanalysts that weaves through descriptions of luminous women. Italo Calvino wrote Invisible Cities about buildings made of words, Invisible Women builds women through an intricate series of case studies.

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Locked Away

Gabe Durham

When cellars were brand new, they gave rise to an imaginative class of criminals—kidnappers. In Gabe Durham’s page turner, a bean farmer, a fig merchant, and a vicious marauder—dunderheads, all—prove humanity’s capacity for abusing anything.

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Man Bites Cloud

Bob Schofield

In Man Bites Cloud, Bob Schofield—illustrator and author of The Inevitable June (tNY Press 2014)—offers 60 prose / poem fables. There are wolves on the moon, cannibalistic flowers, horses the size of planets, and a Magicians Anonymous.

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Ebook Flights

Flight No. 1

Just like a flight of wine, these books go together

If you’re flying from, say, JFK to Dulles, you might just purchase one flight in the series. But if you’re going all the way to LAX, you can dig into all three.

Flight No. 1 features stories that explore how we understand the boundaries between communities. They’re like fables, seemingly fantastical at first, but then feel increasingly familiar to those of us who perceive the disruptions inherent in modern reality.

“The concept of an e-book flight is, from a reading standpoint, brilliant: the pairing of novellas and story collections with similar themes is entertaining, but it makes a reader pay a special kind of attention to craft, ideas, and the overall atmosphere of the works at hand.” The Collagist

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